Ready to own your own dream home today?

Here’s a brief guide on the next steps to take.

  1. Registration

    You can register online here or drop by our sales office to fill up our registration form to get started.

  2. Select Your Unit

    You will be invited to visit our sales office before the official launch where you can select your preferred unit on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  3. Letter of Offer

    Once you have selected your desired unit(s), a letter of offer will be issued and a 10% down payment is required. This letter of offer will include the particulars of the purchased property.

  4. Sale and Purchase Agreement

    To ensure your purchase goes without problems, you must sign the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) at our appointed solicitor’s office within 14 days upon settlement of your 10% down payment.

  5. Loan Application & EPF Withdrawal

    You are required to apply for a housing loan immediately upon confirmation of your purchase. If you wish to make a EPF withdrawal for your house purchase, you need to obtain the EPF Withdrawal Form from the EPF office or you can download the form from their website at